Apartments in Lopar - Rab - Croatia

( Ferienwohnungen - Appartamenti - Apartmani - Apartmanok - Apartmaji - Apartm´┐Żny - Квартиры )

Lopar is the northernmost settlement on the island of Rab. Its position in the northern part of the island makes it a special oasis with numerous sandy beaches and romantic landscape. Virgin coves and crystal clear waters are the benefits that will drive you to always come back.

Lopar can be reached by ferry, bus, or car. The island is connected to the world two ferryboat (Lopar - Valbiska and Mišnjak - Jablanac). Ferry from Valbiska to Lopar takes about an hour and a half, but lets You explore whole the island from the seaside.

As mentioned, Lopar is characterized by a large number of gentle sandy bays. Are at your disposal are 22 sandy beaches, 3 of them are intended for nudists (Gypsy, Sahara and Stolac). Lopar except the beach will attract scent of Mediterranean vegetation and friendly hosts. If you are coming in season, or after season, you will enjoy romantic walks, harvest, or perhaps join in the harvest of grapes or olives.  

The largest and most popular beaches on the island - Paradise Beach - is located in lopar, a part of the settlement called San Marino. Paradise beach is long, about 1.5 kilometers Since 2003. in Lopar waved the blue flag - the symbol of blue sea and the environment ..

In Lopar was born in Saint Marin, founder of the republic of San Marino. Lopara the residents are very proud of that fact.

In Lopar at a place called The walls based settlement that is continuously lived and lasted through the Stone Age, and copper, bronze until the 4th century AD when the above-mentioned location has grown Ancient Greek military fortifications, whose remains, together with the remains from the previous period and today bear witness to the history of this place. Rt walls, as well as the entire northern part of the peninsula Lopar, protected by nature reserve. Because of its uniqueness, geomorphological features, historical remains (Roman and Greek works, the settlement dating from the time before Christ) Lopar attracts more tourists than to enjoy his beauty, like modern nomads learn about the history of mankind. After every rain a little harder in the shallow bays seen the remains of amphorae, terracotta, Roman coins. Malogdje such wealth can be experienced.  

It is known that the waters Lopara the Mediterranean monk seal habitat (marine or Man - how many people are called). Her refuge was in the underground labyrinth of caves and coastal karst. Just bear in Lopar by a long cave called "Medova buža" which can be entered only from the sea. "Medova Buža" today has become a venue for wedding couples and diving enthusiasts in Lopar.

 Welcome to Lopar!